New website for the Gas Analysis Working Group

We now have set up a new website for the online collaboration and exchange of experiences at This site provides the means for efficient, modern communication within the group. You can easiliy join the topical groups of your interest and you will be informed of upcoming webinars and workshops specific to that topic or you can use for discussing details within the topics. The site is based on drupal commons, a freely available tool for on-line collaborative work. It looks promising to be helpful for keeping our ideas moving ahead. Further we added more content to our Gas Analysis Wiki which can be found under The idea behind this Wiki is to put togetherthe current state of the art of analytical methhods for the analysis of gases, tar, sulphur, particles, water content and so on in the context that we have discussed in workshops and webinars so far. Wiki pages can easily be updated from teh community. You are invited to take part in bringing this to live and keeping it up to date.