Gas Analysis Workshop 2017 Berlin


We organized a second Gas Analysis Workshop this year of our gas analysis working group which takes place on September 7 and 8 in Berlin. Host will be the chair for Energy Process Engineering and for Conversion Technologies of Renewable Energies (EVUR) at the institute of energy engineering at TU Berlin. We will start with presentations coming from the group of York Neubauer, who worked here the past decade and finishes now his 5-year junior research group project.

Gas Analysis Workshop 2017 Stockholm

Our annual Gas Analysis Workshop 2017 will take place at KTH in Stockholm on Friday June 16th 2017. We are happy to have KTH as our host this year. The event will be supported by the swedish gasification center where academia and industry collaborate in the field of gasification. Furthermore we have the 20th anniversary of the introduction of the SPA method by Brage et al. So being in the place where this method was applied for sampling and analysis of tar we dedicate a program point to this issue.

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